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Health and Welfare Mental Capacity Assessment

What is a Health and Welfare Mental Capacity Assessment?

A Health and Welfare Capacity Assessment  explores whether a person has the capability to make decisions regarding their health and welfare needs. These may be decisions such as the course of treatment for a medical condition, where to receive care and meeting of care needs.

What is included in the Health and Welfare Mental Capacity Assessment?

Our Health and Welfare Assessment includes all the necessary preparatory work and organising the technical side of a remote assessment via video link, the Health and Welfare assessment, a full or summary report and reading time. If the client is found to lack capacity and a CoP3 (Court of Protection Form 3) is required we can complete this, provided part A is provided to us.

What case law do you use?

Health and Welfare Mental Capacity Assessments fall under the Mental Capacity Act (2005).

What information do you need from me?

We will request information such as the client’s current care arrangements, any medical diagnosis and medication. The information provided will help to formulate questions for the assessment and validate answers given.

Our bespoke referral form is designed to ensure we have all the relevant information we need from you. Contact us and we will happily talk through any of the details with you.

What happens in the assessment?

The assessment will take place via video link through the use of a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer with webcam. This can take place at a client’s home or at a location where they feel comfortable. All of our assessments are discussion based, with open questions asked surrounding health and welfare. 

There are no trick questions and the assessments are designed to offer the client a safe space to express their wishes.

The assessment will last approximately one hour.

Why is a Health and Welfare Capacity Assessment necessary?

A Health and Welfare Assessment is highly complex and extremely important to the individuals concerned. Our assessments help protect vulnerable clients, ensure wishes are heard and give confidence in the decisions being made.

What happens if a client lacks capacity for health and welfare?

If a person lacks capacity for health and welfare it means that they will need to have some else appointed to make those decisions for them. This can be done either through a lasting power of attorney for health and welfare, if they have the capacity to make one or the appointment of a deputy via the Court of Protection. Using the evidence we gathered during the assessment, we can provide the necessary evidence to support the most appropriate route.

To discuss arranging a Health and Welfare Assessment please contact us.