Lasting Power of Attorney Case Study

Lasting Power of Attorney Mental Capacity Assessment

Michael was 78 year old man who had recently been diagnosed as having dementia. He wanted to appoint his two children to be able to make decisions on his behalf if he was unable to do so at a later date.

His son, Peter contacted us and explained the situation and that he had been told his father would lack capacity because he had dementia. We explained that having dementia does not automatically mean a person lacks capacity. We explained to Peter the types of things his father would need to understand, retain, weigh up and use in order to make LPA’s for both property and financial affairs and health and welfare.

We went out to see Michael and found that he was able to understand, retain, weigh up and use all the necessary information to make both types of LPA. Our assessor was able to witness Michael sign the LPA documents there and our assessor also acted as the certificate provider.

If you are unsure if you or your loved one has the ability to make an LPA or you need someone to act as a certificate provider then get in touch.