Alison Neville

Alison Neville
Mental Capacity Assessor
South and South-East, including London

Registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council
Registered Nurse in Mental Health Nursing

I am a registered nurse, who has experience of working with people with mental health difficulties, cognitive impairments and reduced mental capacity. I have over 14 years of experience of assessing mental capacity inline with the MCA (2005) as a qualified nurse and now as a Mental Capacity Assessor with TSF Consultants.

As a RMN, I have had experience working with older persons, working age adults and with young people (ages 12 – 18 years). I have worked for both the NHS (forensic and acute) and the private
(nursing homes and CAMHS) sector. I have worked with people with a range of impairments, such as dementia, learning disabilities, Autism, schizophrenia and brain injury.

As a Mental Capacity Assessor, I have further developed my skills and experience so that I am competent as assessing mental capacity for a broad range of financial and legal decisions. Through my previous experience, I have the skills in assisting and supporting understanding and communication in a person’s decision-making ability.

I am passionate about assisting the most vulnerable persons in society to have a voice for their opinions and decisions. This compelled me to become a RMN and led me to specialise in mental