Robert Keniwell

Robert Keniwell
Mental Capacity Assessor
Yorkshire and Humber

BA (Hons) Social Work
Qualified Social Worker
Registered with HCPC

I am a registered Social Worker with over seven years of experience assessing mental capacity in line with the Mental Capacity Act (2005), as part of roles within Local Authorities and subsequently my role with TSF Consultants.

I have a wealth of experience working with adults with learning disabilities and dementia specifically. In my roles within Local Authorities I have undertaken assessments in relation to safeguarding concerns such as domestic abuse, sexual relations and contact with others.

In my current role, as a Mental Capacity Assessor, I have further developed my experience so that I am proficient at assessing mental capacity for a broad range of financial and legal decisions.

I have provided training to private and care organisations on the Mental Capacity Act to help others improve their practice and ensure that the relevant protections and safeguards are being following under the Act.

I am passionate about empowering vulnerable adults in our communities, with a specific interest in those living with learning disabilities as they reach adulthood. I am particularly interested in the use of the Act for 16- and 17-year olds. I have a real passion for the Mental Capacity Act and how this is used in practice, which lead me to working with TSF Consultants.