Mental Capacity Assessor
East Dorset, Devon and Cornwall

BA (Hons)
P.G. Dip Ed

My work spans organisational, academic and clinical boundaries in health and care, both as a clinician and service leader. I have a portfolio career which includes working as a mental health clinician for some of society’s most vulnerable people, and acting as an expert witness in mental capacity, including complex case work. I have specific experience as an expert witness in assessing mental capacity, testamentary capacity and capacity to litigate. This includes conducting historic reviews of evidence (traditionally carried out by a Psychiatrist), working with the relevant case law, drawing on my extensive experience of complex assessments and adult safeguarding.

I have a successful track record of carrying out assessments for TSF Consultants where my experience in working with people who are victims or perpetrators of abuse, and with people who are subject to harassment has been of critical importance. I have extensive experience of identifying and managing clinical risks and of adult safeguarding. This includes working with victims of sexual abuse and taking a key witness through the court process. I am familiar with the adult safeguarding process and have been active in taking individuals through this process and helping the team around the person deal with the key issues.

I have experience of being through a major investigation process involving the care and treatment of a perpetrator of a homicide. The learning I gained from this, including in self-reflection, has helped my assessment skills and is something I cover in my clinical teaching at Plymouth University.