Why Choose TSF For Your Mental Capacity Assessment?

At TSF Consultants, we know that the whole process surrounding the assessment of mental capacity can be both daunting and confusing. That is why we try and make it as simple and easy as possible. We are always at the end of the phone or email and we will take as long as is needed to ensure that fully understand your options and the process ahead of you. No question is too silly or concern too small.


We are passionate about mental capacity and ensuring that we lead the way in high quality mental capacity assessments. Whilst there are a number of professions recognised as able to complete capacity assessments not all these professionals have vast experience in the area. Mental capacity is a highly complex field with hugely important conclusions formed from assessments.

We take this responsibility very seriously and as such only employ highly experienced assessors that share our values. After that they must be able to demonstrate their understanding of the implementation of the Mental Capacity Act and associated case law to the highest level.

Furthermore we work closely with barristers and solicitors to ensure that our understanding of the Mental Capacity Act and all associated case law is first class, culminating in unparalleled reports.


We understand that mental capacity assessments are complex, emotionally challenging and highly sensitive. Our specialist Client liaison officers are here to guide you at every stage, one of the team will be assigned to you and will stay with throughout the process. Their specialist knowledge will assist you in selecting the correct assessment type, ensuring we have all the information we need ahead of the assessment, arranging convenient time and place to conduct the assessment and coordinating the final report is back with you in a timely manner.


We understand the urgency of many of the situations we encounter when carrying out a metal capacity assessment. We also understand that the assessment outcome is often a highly emotive for clients and their loved ones. For that reason we pride ourselves on completing assessments quickly and efficiently, without comprising quality.

Due to the complex nature of mental capacity we don’t make promises about turnaround times as sometimes situations require further questions to be asked and detailed discussions to be had. If you have deadlines that need to be met please let the team know and we can do our best to accommodate them.

Often mental capacity doesn’t become an issue until it is too late and any delay in getting an assessment often leads to the situation deteriorating and things getting more complex. Unfortunately, when things become more complex they often also become more expensive in terms of legal fees and costs.

There is currently a 3 month waiting time for submissions to be processed by the Court of Protection or The Office of the Public Guardian. Add a hold-up for the outcome of a mental capacity assessment and you are suddenly looking at over half a year before you can achieve any meaningful outcome to your situation or for your loved one.

We can’t speed up the Courts but we can ensure that you don’t encounter any unnecessary delays.


We offer a comprehensive network of mental capacity assessors that cover all of England and Wales.

Having a national network of assessors means two things. Firstly it means that we can keep costs down in terms of travel and expenses and secondly it means that we can offer a more responsive service in terms of time and location.

100% of our assessments happen at a place that is chosen by the client, be it home, hospital or solicitor’s office. This is only possible due to our extensive network of assessors.

All in all it means a faster and more responsive service for you or your loved one.


We provide a vast number of consistently high quality mental capacity assessments. For this reason, we feel we are able to fix our costs to fairly reflect the minimum work required to deliver these. We have also found a fixed price allows our clients to plan a budget without any fear of hidden costs.

All our assessments include one visit to the client at their chosen location, travel costs, reading time, a write up of the assessment be it as a report or court documentation and a rigorous quality check process.